Student Coaching and Wellbeing

If you are a university student and you find yourself struggling, I offer coaching to help you  succeed on your course and (more importantly!) get the most out of your time at university and the opportunity it presents for personal development.

I've personally studied at four universities, worked in research in another and worked in wellbeing in two more, so I really can relate to you as a student! I use the same approach with students as I do in my transformational coaching sessions, but I am able to tailor my sessions to offer you the specialist help that you need.

I have worked as a Wellbeing Officer at Arts University Bournemouth and as the manager of Student Wellbeing at Bournemouth University, where I led the development of the new Student Wellbeing service. With my extensive experience in universities, I have an awareness of university systems, issues that may affect you such as deadlines, mitigation and deferring your studies and the pressures of financing your studies. In addition, I understand the isolation, homesickness and social pressures that students experience.

Going to university can provoke huge levels of anxiety and you may be feeling sheer overwhelm, but I will work with you to help you turn things around!

As a university student, I can help you to:

  • Manage deadlines and plan your studies
  • Consider your options such as deferring / mitigation and prioritising
  • Understand other services and resources that you can access
  • Manage stress and anxiety around exams or your studies
  • Identify self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs
  • Identify patterns of behaviour that are keeping you stuck
  • Find more effective ways to manage your emotions
  • Learn techniques to stop fear and anxiety from holding you back
  • Manage stress and overwhelm
  • Learn to relax and unwind
  • Plan a life that supports your personal development
  • Overcome procrastination and the need for perfectionism
  • Get in touch with what really matters to you
  • Find more fulfilment in life
  • Improve your focus, attention and performance
  • Learn to live in the moment whilst creating your future
  • Uncover your true potential!