Performance Coaching
& Wellbeing for Musicians

I have been working in the world of psychology, mental health and wellbeing since 2007 and I am lucky to have been able to combine this work with my passion for the arts.

I studied English Literature at university before retraining in psychology and have always loved anything live, from the theatre to live music. It's an industry very close to my heart, I understand the passion behind it and I am keen to support anyone in the performing arts industry to be the best they can be and survive in a society that doesn't always make it easy to follow your passion. By training at masters level in Performing Arts Medicine at UCL, the only course in the world of its kind, I feel incredibly privileged to be able to bring together my experience in wellbeing and my love of the arts and music.

I work in a holistic way, and am able to blend performance coaching alongside the transformational coaching that I use with anyone needing to overcome personal blocks. This means that I can work with you on managing performance anxiety, but if the work needs to go deeper, I can help you with that too, whether it be personal or emotional difficulties, career transitions or identity crises. I also offer advice and guidance on wellbeing and lifestyle issues, and am able to tailor this specifically for performing artists. 

Performance Coaching

I draw on a range of techniques to help you overcome performance anxiety, practice and prepare effectively and perform at your best, depending on your own personal situation and preferences. This could include visualisation and meditation tecnniques, breathing exercises, or drawing on Acceptance an Commitment Therapy (ACT) to address unhelpful thinking habits. It can also involve goal-setting, time management and finding ways to help you to get motivated. My goal is to help you tap into what drives you and overcome any blocks that have interfered with your ability to be creative and in touch with your passion.

Wellbeing, Lifestyle and Mental Health Advice

Having extensive experience in the world of mental health and wellbeing, I have run numerous workshops teaching time management and work/life balance, mindfulness and meditation, stress management, sleeping well, motivation, overcoming procrastination and perfectionism. Since studying Performing Arts Medicine, I am uniquely placed to combine this experience with knowledge of issues such as:

  • How to manage sleep and wellbeing whilst travelling
  • Health issues to consider when practicing, performing and touring
  • The importance of posture and technique
  • An awareness of performers' health and the help that is out there
  • Coping with the pressure in the industry
  • Coping with the lifestyle
  • Coping with injury, illness and career transitions
  • Finding motivation and overcoming blocks
  • Using mindfulness and meditation to unlock creativity
  • How to access NHS or private mental health services and understanding what is available.

A note on the lifestyle advice
There are not many areas of life that I don't have experience advising on! Through managing a wellbeing service for students, as well as working as a Money Coach with Citizens Advice, I am experienced in helping with budgeting, accessing grants and benefits and dealing with debt, particularly for those on a shoestring budget. I also worked for Victim Support and have worked closely with services supporting those following sexual assault. In addition, I have often worked closely with services supporting recovery from addictions and eating disorders. It is not my aim with Actualise to specialise in any of these areas, but they are a useful adjunct to any lifestyle and wellbeing support that I offer. If it's out of my remit, I'll tell you, but I'll be able to help you find the right help.