Coaching Services and Booking

Click "Find Out More..." below to discover more about my approach and to book my coaching services online. For bespoke services or if you have any questions, please contact me on:
07980 229 206


Do you want to find greater fulfilment in life? Overcome mental blocks and self-sabotage? Break out of cycles that are keeping you stuck? Start building the life you deserve, whilst at the same time learning that you do deserve it?!


I use a mixture of approaches to help you unlock your potential.


Are you are experiencing anxiety as a musician or performing artist? Lifestyle insecurity leading to depression? Lacking motivation, facing creative blocks or can't bear to pick up your instrument?


I'm trained in Performing Arts Medicine, to help you move forward.

Are you a university student (aged 18+) struggling to cope with the pressures? Facing anxiety, stress or fears for the future? Feeling swamped by the workload? Feeling isolated and struggling to adjust?


I'm experienced in Student Wellbeing; a few sessions can make a huge difference. 

Southampton Based Groups and Workshops


At different times and sometimes depending on demand, I run local groups and workshops, covering everything related to meditation, coaching, personal development and empowerment. To be informed of any events, sign up to my mailing list on the side of this page. 

Bespoke Workshops and Events

I have a great deal of experience setting up and delivering wellbeing sessions and workshops, to the public, staff teams and students. I am able to run group workshops and courses on demand, for private and corporate clients. Please contact me to discuss this further. 


The Honoured Experience

At Honoured, my colleague Sam Sayner and I offer the ultimate feel good experience  We take care of your body, mind and soul by offering the space to re-connect to yourself and others, photos to help you love yourself, plenty of food and drink and time in a spa! Our aim is to celebrate you as you are, and to create the space you need in life to step back, connect to what matters and be empowered to move forwards.

We also run bespoke experiences for individuals, groups and teams. Our days celebrate people and capture  moments that matter on camera, all with professional photography. Click here to find out more.