Welcome to Actualise!

My aim is to help you fall in love with life! I work as a Transformational Coach to help you discover your best self, whilst learning to love yourself as, and where, you are right now. I'm here to walk alongside you in your journey as you create the life that you deserve, transforming yourself from the inside out! 

I have over ten years' experience in psychology and wellbeing, helping people in this process as they overcome anxiety, depression and many of life's challenges. Because of this, I don't practice as a standard life coach - my focus is on training your mindset and helping you to change from the inside out. I am passionate about helping you to thrive; to uncover your own self-worth, self belief and your direction in life. We all deserve to flourish, and we all deserve the chance to create a different future for ourselves!

I draw on a range of techniques drawn from performance psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, meditation and acceptance based approaches. I also practice Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help you tune into what matters, face your fears, overcome procrastination and live the life you've dreamed of. If you're feeling overwhelmed or need to find a balance, I can help with stress management, time management and relaxation; sometimes it's not starting but stopping that's the problem!

I offer coaching from Southampton, UK, as well as by Skype. I have a couple of additional strings to my bow - I have a great deal of experience working with students and am also interested in working with musicians and performing artists. In addition, I have experience of dealing with burnout and recovery, and of working with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). You can find out more about my background here, or read my blog to learn more and see if my approach resonates with you. For an informal chat or to find out more, please contact me on:

07980 229 206.

Wishing you an amazing future!